I am Nada, from Syria.

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I am Nada, from Syria, I am 9 years old and I have a disability from the moment I was born.

In Syria I used to live in al-Qusayr, the house is beautiful. It had a large balcony, we had a grape farmland, it had plants, figs, peaches.

We used to go out me and my grandma to Al Sabeel to the garden, I used to sleep happy.

We left Syria because we were afraid, I was afraid from the shooting.

Air bombardment, it hits they were hitting people, a lot of sounds. People die. I don’t know why they were bombarding.

My father was imprisoned and then they came inside to inspect the house, the army. Then we left, I left all my stuff. They put me in the car, I didn’t have a wheelchair, I used to take medication but it was left in Syria.

When I came to Jordan I came to Zataari. Caravans made of metal, they leaked water.

I went to school in Zataari with my friends. I used to play with the girls, the playground was full of rocks they used to play and help push me around. We just left, I was upset that I left school.

I am in Ramtha, the principle did not say yes, she did not say yes on me studying there, she said there’s no space in the classroom.

Put me in school, I want to study.

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