My name is Maria. I am from Managua, Nicaragua and I am 19 years old.

My name is Maria. I am from Managua, Nicaragua and I am 19 years old.

I was born at five months, and one of the consequences was the loss of my vision.

We started to learn how to live with my disability since the early years at school, how to learn to use the Braille system and all the necessary things so that I could develop myself as an equal person.

The time to start the 7th grade came. The teachers at that moment didn’t have the knowledge or the tools to give me the attention that I needed. They were reading information, getting the training, they did it to get the quality education that I have now.

I am the only person who is blind. They have accepted me and have included me. We work as a team. It’s a very beautiful experience.

Even though I am blind, I am able to be a leader. I am also part of the academic excellence bureau.

A person who has education is a person with many weapons to fight poverty. In society it makes us independent, it makes us be more useful to our country. We, as people with disabilities, are no exception.

Society must learn that we are all equal and that many times it’s not the condition itself that makes us have a disability but it’s the environment, the attitudes and the bad actions.

I’m a person who thinks as an entrepreneur. I like to fight until I am able to reach my dreams and I never give up, regardless of the limitations. There is always a reward.

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