My name is Kareem. I am from Jordan. I am fifteen years old.


I like to mostly invent and maintain things.

I see things that are maybe thrown away or damaged or destroyed like a group of things and I try to benefit from them and make them useful by grouping them up. I formulate an idea and maybe I use some batteries or other tools in order to group the things up and come up with something new.

First of all I had the idea of the truck. Then I came up with the idea on how to assemble the frontier part of the truck and then also to deal with the rear part and try to connect them together. I tried to connect them and it worked.

I want to become a pilot. I want to open a maintenance shop.

Kareem had an accident at home in 2014 and he lost his ability to walk. He suffers a severe pain in the spinal column and is using a wheelchair to move around. Kareem is being educated at home by his family.

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