Em Bormey

I am Em Bormey, I am 38 years old.

Photographer: Paul Garrett, Cambodia

I acquired the disability about 5 or 6 years ago. Because of high blood pressure, I had a stroke. Before I became disabled, I worked as a doctor in the provincial hospital.

I can see that my life is now totally different – my life before my stroke and my life after my stroke. So, there is a very huge gap.

The difference in work is this: before my disability, I could find a job easily with my qualification. But now, even though I have my qualification, my physical appearance is not good. Most often, the requirement for the job is to have a good appearance. So, this is very discriminative.

I am married and have a son. My son now goes to grade 6.

I’m studying computer science. When I finish my course, I will work in a computer shop so that I can use my skills and qualification, in order to sell computers.

All people with disabilities can work, like other people.

Please do not discriminate against people with disabilities. People are disabled by chance. So, everyone must have equal rights.


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